Domaine Haute Févrie

Nowadays, the estate covers 26.6 hectares of vineyards, all under the Muscadet Sèvre et Maine protected designation of origin. The estate is broken into several plots, each with a different aspect and on different soil: siliceous clay or gravelly and shallow, all on metamorphic rock (gneiss, orthogneiss and amphibolites), resulting in a range of highly individual clos: Le Clos de la Févrie, Les Mauguitonnières, Les Gras moutons (Saint-Fiacre), Le Clos Joubert, Le Moulin de la Gustais, Le Clos du Pégatine and many others.

Preoccupied to practice farming methods respectful of vine and its environment (without chemical fertilizers with controlled and harvest entirely handmade yields), we are evolving towards an increasingly natural management of the vines and grapes so as to fully comply to the latest environmental requirements. Certifié BIO sur le Millésime 2015.

From the tending of the vines to the marketing of the wines, our family has always be driven by the wish to do things the right way. Our patient and exacting efforts mean that our Muscadets show the full measure of their origins and breathe the soil which gave them life.